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Схема мошенничества от жуликов из Evergreen Marines UK
Employment fraud by crooks from Evergreen Marines UK. To translate Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in Yandex translate here.

Evergreen marines UK очередное жулье в формате "нигерийских писем" мимикрирующие под известного работодателя Evergreen Marine. Отличие всего в одной букве "S" в доменном имени, превращая marine в marines.
В отличии от рассмотренных жуликов под вывеской Onals Oilfield and Marine Engineering Services.

Приступим, к разбору схемы мошенничества.

Письмо от HRM Department, сразу обещает золотые горы, причем для всех:

From: EVERGREEN MARINE (UK)LIMITED <hrm.recruiting@comcast.net>
To: recruitment@evergreen-marines.co.uk

An excellent chance to join us. We are currently looking for individuals who are self-motivated, conscientious, and able to work in a team for the following positions.

Master, chief officer, second officer, third officer, chief engineer, second engineer, third engineer ,fourth engineer, boson, able seaman / AB, ordinary seaman /OS, electric technician officer/ ETO, oiler, wiper, fitter, cook, deck / engine cadet.

Containers, Bulk Carrier, Cargos and Offshores Vessel

Minimum requirements
Nationality: no requirements
Level of English : Medium

Salary: Very Attractive
Contract: 12months ( To be extended after each contract )
Sign on: in 3weeks

Due to the volume of CVs, we are sorry that we cannot respond to each candidate. Only those who are selected will be contacted.

To apply please send us your CV with a cover letter and please quote job location and title in subject.

Evergreen Marine UK
Attn. HRM Department

Стало интересно, насколько плотно мошенники мимикрируют под Evergreen, написал им ответ, что таки available for job. На следующий день, ответ был получен. Не менее привлекательный:

Attention: Applicant,

Thank you for sending your application/Resume for the purpose of employment. We will go through it and evaluate it then get back to you. For the Post of Master Which you are applying for, the salary is 15,550 GBP. If the salary is okay and you wish to proceed, then please fill the application form attached.

Evergreen Marine is dedicated to delivering focused and comprehensive coverage to our clients. Providing solutions and ensuring rapid response to their needs is our obligation as a service provider. We take that obligation very seriously.

We have established a series of associated companies and services that compliment our core operation. Our commercial team is staffed with professionals who have extensive ship operation backgrounds and are available 24 hours a day to ensure that we deliver cargoes safely and effectively.

This is why we are currently employing Seafarers /Marine officers to fill all our vacant positions in order to meet up with clients demands .

Contract Period:
1 year which can be extended if you wish to.

Work Schedule :
2 Months on 2 months off ,During your 2 months off you are advised to spend it with your family in your country .

Salary :
2 Months on: Paid in Full
2 Months Off: Paid in Full

Meaning salary will be paid while you are on board and when you are on vacation.

Please note that our vessel has one of the highest safety measures for crew members because we take our crews first and any other thing second.

Attached to this email is our application form which you are required to fill first and send it back to me. We are in need of your services and we will not be conducting any interviews once we go through your documents which we will ask you to provide after filling of the application form sent to you if you meet our needs we will inform you via email or Phone.

Evergreen Marine UK
Attn. HRM Department

К письму была приложена форма для заполнения в формате MS Word:


Команда форума
Отправив ответ с заполненной формой, получил следующее (третье), уже именное письмо от некого Paul Danks:

From: EVERGREEN MARINE (UK)LIMITED <recruitment@evergreen-marines.co.uk>
To: ***

Dear ***,

This is to confirm receipt of your email, We have gone through the employment form duly filled and we have decided to employ you.

Before we proceed any further in finalizing your employment you are required to provide a scanned copy of your seaman Documents/certificate so we can evaluate and have them filed out too for processing of your application.

Once provided and all documents checked out we will get back to you if everything is okay with a positive response, We await the documents .

Mr. Paul Danks
Recruiting Officer
Evergreen Marine UK Ltd

"В третий раз закинул он невод" и отправил снова, все что хотят, накидав файлов как попало и "пришел невод с одною рыбкой, С непростою рыбкой", с новой темой письма: "APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED ( CHECK ATTACHED APPOINTMENT CONTRACT LETTER )":

Dear ***,
Ref N0 : EG-580/21
Post: Master

This is in receipt of your email dated 19th of April 2022 ,We have done all the Evaluation and have chosen you to work with us, all documents/Certificate provided by you met our expectation and we hope you will be diligent in your duties.
We are convinced that you are really interested in joining our company ( Evergreen Marine UK Ltd), attached to this mail is a copy of your appointment letter , you are required to study sign and send back to us so that we can have it attached to your file, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions contained therein because your signing it translates to your acceptance of the terms and condition contained therein and they will be binding on you throughout your contract stay with us . You are to sign the appointment by printing out the appointment document, then write your signature and date at the appropriate spaces provided and send it back to us via email for record purposes.
You are required to be in Office for 1 weeks orientation and medical fitness test. During these 1 weeks you will get to know about the vessel you will be working on and the area of trade and accommodation during this period will be taken care of by Evergreen Marine UK Ltd.

Below are the details of Immigration Office .

E-Mail: info@immigrationbureau-uk.net
Contact Person: Mr. Gordon Wilson

Please note that you are required to process the national insurance number with Mr. Gordon Wilson that is why I directed you to him , he is in charge of getting this documents so please send an email to him with the email contact I provided to you above and attached to this email is what the documents looks like.

Once again thank you for your time and accepting our job.

Mr. Paul Danks
Recruiting Officer
Evergreen Marine UK Ltd

Вложение из письма:

Все прямо отлично, но начинаются нюансы - нужен номер социального страхования. Ну тут уже можно предположить, что будет дальше. Действуем согласно инструкций мистера Пола и отправляем письмо на адрес info@immigrationbureau-uk.net. И в папке "Спам" находим письмо такого содержания от некого мистера Гордона:

UNITED KINGDOM IMMIGRATION SERVICES <info@immigrationbureau-uk.net>
To: ***

United Kingdom Immigration Service
100 New Kings Road ,
Chelsea, London, SW6 4LX ,
United Kingdom.

Attention : ***,
The Management of British Embassy in the United Kingdom wishes to thank you for contacting us for the procurement of your traveling documents which includes your Valid United Kingdom Visa , Tax-clearance, Resident Permit, Work Permit, Medical Insurance ,Flight Ticket and all other requirements for your travel to the United-Kingdom. This document is very important for foreigners wishing to work in the United Kingdom, because without this document ,you will not be allowed to live and work in the UK. This is in accordance with the governmental law of the British Embassy in the United Kingdom.
We have an impressive reputation for assisting skilled individuals, families, Job Seekers and business people to emigrate from any part of the world. We provide in-depth personal guidance to help you in procuring your traveling document .We give special attention to your application. Our regular follow ups result in positive and quick responses. If you are an overseas national who is not settled in the UK and you intend to work in the UK, you must have a work permit. We offer so many types of Visa Fiancée(France), Tourist, Relative, Spouse, K-3, Children, Student, Employment ) We have literally 1000's of clients who've used us to obtain Visas from the following countries: The Philippine Islands, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Romania, Ukraine, China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia and all over the World . We have many ways to expedite most Insurance/Visas. No other Insurance/Visa Service can offer you this type of extensive specialized services in as many countries.
Applicants who are of the same sex, have a communicable disease, or have a dangerous physical or mental disorder; are or have been drug addicts; have committed minor and/or serious criminal acts, including crimes involving moral turpitude, drug trafficking, and prostitution (working in a Go-Go bar, beer bar, or massage service); or are likely to become a public charge; Individuals who fall into these categories by current law must be refused in entering the country.
For processing of your NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER ( NIN) you are required to provide us with the following:

You are also required to provide us with a scanned copy of your international passport or your EU identification card for verification. We assure you that if you follow our instructions carefully. Within 4-5 days from the day we begin the process of your traveling document...you will find yourself already in the United Kingdom.
The governmental official fee for full procurement of all your UK NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER ( NIN) to the United Kingdom is 710. 00GBP the reason why you are to make the payment to the United Kingdom is because of the large amount of people whose Visa and Work Permit/Insurance are still pending and because your employer has asked us to swiftly process your documentation so you can resume work in the UK soon. If we have to do your documentation down in the UK, it would take a longer process so we would be using the British High Commission in the states.
Mode of Payment will be sent to you once you are ready to make payment.

Once again, congratulations and please do comply in due time to enable us to expedite action. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we hope to hear from you soonest.

Once again, congratulations and please do comply in due time to enable us to expedite action. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we hope to hear from you soonest.

Once again, congratulations and please do comply in due time to enable us to expedite action.
Your Sincerely
Mr. Gordon Wilson

Ну приехали, начали просить денежные знаки! С примечанием, что все потом вернут, но когда не сказали. И причем сумму весьма немалую. Предположу, что количество клюнувших и оплативших сбор не очень велико. Но качество этой целевой аудитории, выше всяких похвал, поэтому и не мелочатся. Идиот отправит и 100 фунтов и 700 фунтов. Обобрать нужно до нитки.

Дальнейшая переписка с мистером Гордоном не имеет смысла.


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Также посмотрим, что из себя представляют домены почты, с который производится рассылка:
  1. evergreen-marines.co.uk;
  2. immigrationbureau-uk.net;
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2. Регистрация от ноября 2020 года
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Оба домена достаточно свежие. Поиск отзывов о данных компаниях, показывает, что Evergreen Marines засветился уже в октябре 2021 года, т.е. сразу после регистрации.

Что пожелать соискателям? Всегда проверяйте от кого предложение, и с каких адресов оно направлено. Крупные компании имеют почту на своих "фирменных" доменах, а не на бесплатных сервисах. Также мошенники делают ставку на невнимательность, направляя письма с доменов отличающихся несколькими буквами.

Ну и конечно, не стесняйтесь спрашивать.