pax transfer

  1. SURFER 220

    SURFER 220

    Surfer-220 at ENANG-C unmanned platform for personnel transfer via boat landing. Shipdesigner and shipbuilder: EFINOR Allais The Surfer 221-2200 offers excellent comfort levels, with shockabsorbed cabin and a cruising speed of 28 knots achieved with 3 Diesel engines supplying water-jet propulsion.
  2. SURFER-1901


    Surfer 1901 during pax transfer at Ubit-GQ platform. Surfer is Crew Boat vessel type with aluminium hull. Design: SURFER 19000® – FAST CREW BOAT by EFINOR Allais Waterjet HJ 403 Passenger 24 - 30 Crew 2 Deck area 28m2
  3. UTAI-5


    Nigerian flagged Surfer UTAI-5 during personnel transfer to Ubit-GQ platform at huge Qua Iboe Oil Field. Boat landing is used for safe pax transfer to platform. During day time gate maintained open at lower level of platform, but with twilight closes. This is rule for ExxonMobil platforms.


    OCV St.Patrick near with Yoho FSO for pax transfer for kick-off meeting before commence the job. Многоцелевое судно Сэнт Патрик у борта ПНХ Йохо, месторождение Куа Ибое, Нигерия. Conversion Details: -Converted to DP1 from barge - 2000 -Upgraded to DP2 - 2011 DP class: 2 DP desk: K-Pos PRS: 2 x DG