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Последние несколько лет новости из разряда offshore вряд ли можно назвать оптимистичными. Все только хуже и хуже. Пока цена за бочку нефти растет, что пусть и не сразу, повлечет восстановление некоторой активности в оффшоре, а значит и работу. Вполне возможно, даже скорее всего, оффшор не сможет быть таким "богатым" на dayrate, как до кризиса.

Но по мере сил, будем следить.
22 FPSOs to be deployed off Brazil to 2026
22 FPSO for Brazil.jpg
Demand for offshore towage is rising in Brazil driven by investments in deepwater oil and gas developments and LNG terminals

This has led regional tug owner Wilson Sons to construct a new fleet of six high-powered tugs at its shipyard in Guarujá, in Sao Paulo state, compliant with IMO Tier III emissions requirements including exhaust after treatment to remove more than 75% nitrogen oxide emissions.

A study carried out by Wilson Sons concluded that 22 floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels are expected to start operating in Brazil between 2022 and 2026. Most of these will be operated by state-run energy group Petrobras, with the others operated by international energy majors.

Wilson Sons already operates 80 tugs in Brazil and has carried out more than 20 operations this year for the offshore oil and gas market, manoeuvring and towing FPSOs, drilling rigs and floating storage regasification units (FSRUs).

“Over the next four years, we will have a considerable number of [floating] platforms starting to operate, others being decommissioned and new LNG terminals, which brings a series of opportunities for the supply chain in this industry,” said Wilson Sons’ towage division commercial director Elísio Dourado.

The projects served by the company’s escort and azimuth stern drive tugs are at the LNG terminals of Celse in Aracajú, Sergipe state, GNA in Açu Port, Rio de Janeiro state and Petrobras’ LNG facility in Pecém, Ceara.

Wilson Sons’ tugs supported ship-to-ship operations at Açu Port and participated in assistance manoeuvres for the FPSOs P-71 at Jurong Shipyard in Espirito Santo, BW Cidade de São Vicente and Carioca MV30 offshore Rio de Janeiro, among others.
источник: https://www.rivieramm.com/news-cont...fpsos-to-be-deployed-off-brazil-to-2026-68320


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Спуск на воду ледокола "Набиль" (YARDNUMBER 862), walk to work
Набиль спуск на воду.jpg
13 ноября 2021 спущен на воду ледокол "Набиль" (строительный номер 862) для работы на шельфе Сахалина. Особенностью судна является малая осадка, способность проходить лед до 100см и трап с компенсацией качки для перехода персонала с борт судна на платформу.
Ледокол Набиль.jpg
Строится по заказу компании "Меркурий Сахалин" (Mercury Sakhalin) и компаний Пола (Pola). Пола теперь будет и в оффшоре.

Стоит отметить, что внешний виду судна отличается деталями о рендеров представленных на сайте завода изготовителя. На носовой части судна имеются опоры, предположу, что для вертолетной площадки.

Порт приписки: Корсаков.

The shallow draft ice-breaking walk to work vessel is specially designed and optimized for year-round operations in the challenging conditions on the east coast of Sakhalin in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to +35 degrees. By combining a shallow draught of 3,15m, a transit draught of 4,0 m in open waters and a grounded bottom notation, the vessel can be deployed year-round. With proven Wagenborg icebreaking technology of the icebreaking hull and pulling (ice milling) Azimuth thrusters, the vessel can break through ice up to 100cm. The motion compensated gangway on this vessel is optimized for both winter and summer operations, resulting in multiple gangway positions. The vessel will perform year-round crew transfer services for up to 40 persons from the shallow Nabil Port to offshore platforms near the East Coast of Sakhalin. In addition, the vessel can be deployed for oil spill response services http://www.niesternsander.com/launch-862
Ледокол Набиль у причала.jpg